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healthy gardening

Why are so many people growing their own vegetables in their backyards, windowsills, and on any available patch of land near their homes? That is because they have understood the value of freshly grown vegetables, picked by one, after one has spent time, and energy in growing them.
This book is for all of those people who want to take care of their health. They do not want chemical pesticides in the vegetables they buy off the shelves in their stores. Also, plenty of these fruit and vegetables may have been exported from out of their town or city. The exporters made sure that they used preservatives in order to keep the fruit and vegetables from rotting.

healthy gardening

Gardening is one of the most fulfilling of all occupations done outdoors

So there may be a chance that those delicious looking kiwi fruits that you just picked off the rack today were harvested 8 months ago and have been put in a preserving medium and room. So by the time it took to reach you in your particular corner of the earth, these definitely not so fresh fruit have been subjected to modern preservation methods and chemicals.

Proper Drainage

healthy gardening

In a small garden, especially when you are living in a house right next to someone else’s, pipe drainage is often difficult to arrange as it is possible that your neighbor may not have the same idea on the subject of drainage. And that is why it may be difficult for you to get the water away.
Soils that are well drained are much warmer than those which are not drained properly. Warmed soil is going to have plenty of bacterial activity. That is why proper drainage is necessary.

In ancient times before pipe drainage came into use, drainage was arranged for by raising the surface of the soil to be cultivated. After that ditches were allowed on each side to take the excess water away. You can still see this traditional system of water drainage in many parts of the world today. In fact, I have seen waterlogged ditches with stagnating water still in them, in many farms in the East. This is an excellent breeding ground for malaria and other mosquito borne diseases.

Thank modern technology for easily accessible type drainage.
A modern pipe drainage is usually laid 2’6” deep and so it allows deep hand cultivation.


healthy gardening

Cabbages are among the best salad greens.

Cabbage has been getting bad PR through the ages, because I heard someone saying that she never ate cabbage because they were harmful pests in it! What she did not know is that there are harmful pests in every vegetable, and that is why you need to wash them properly in salt water before you eat them.

There are cabbages for the summer, cabbages for the spring and nice cabbages for your winter soup. Cabbages are greens that you are going to get throughout the year. That is why you can divide cabbages into 3 groups.
This means that you are going to have a continuous supply by different sowings and by using different and suitable varieties.

Soil – cabbages like the soil dug deeply with plenty of bargaining manual. They are going to grow well on almost any land. However their favorite is moist and retentive loam.

Seed Sowing – spring cabbage – this is normally sown in the month of July, up to the month of August, depending on your locality. Rake the ground down to a fine tilth. Sow the seed thinly in drills 9 inches apart, and half an inch deep.

This sowing is going to make it possible for you to be the plants in the seedbed until you put them out in September. This putting out is going to ensure sturdier plants, thanks to the transplantation when you are going to plant them in another prepared bed.

Dwarf Beans

Broad beans are given all sorts of names all over the world, and you may also know them as French beans or kidney beans. They are however climbing French beans and these are often grown under glass, especially in regions where it is very chilly.

healthy gardening

You cannot sow dwarf beans until the ground is really warm. They need a temperature of 60°F before they can germinate properly.
Seed sowing – it is impossible to sow the seed outside much earlier than April and it is often that gardeners find the soil suitable only in the first week of May. Naturally, this time is going to depend on your locality.
The seed drills are 2 inches deep, 4 inches wide and from 2 – 3 feet apart, depending on the variety.
The beans themselves are planted in the rows by hand in a “staggered” formation so that the plants when they grow are going to grow 6 inches apart. A dozen or more beans are then planted at the end of the row and any gaps that arise can thus be “planted up” if and when necessary.
To get earlier beans than this, you can sow in February in boxes or pots under glass. About the middle of March, the plants are going to be “hardened off.”

healthy gardening

Gardening demands plenty of exertion and commitment on your part, but the returns are manifold!

This book has given you plenty of information on how you can begin your garden and start growing greens right away.

Remember that it is more sensible to look for local seed vegetable varieties instead of trying to grow exotic vegetables and fruit in your garden, just because you wanted to try out something new.

You may get disappointed because the soil or the weather was not suitable for growing a plant better suited to a temperate climate being grown in an Arctic atmosphere. So use some logic when you begin to set about growing your own vegetables for home consumption.

Gardening is not something that you can pick up just for fun, and then leave off, just because you lost interest and enthusiasm. But all those people who really do stick to gardening are going to find it a very positive activity. Not only are they going to get the benefit of all the vegetables his witches. They have grown in their own gardens, but they also know that they are eating healthy. Better still, they are not spending their hard-earned money on overpriced vegetables, which may not be fresh.

So now that you have taken on the great onus of being a serious gardener, congratulations! Live Long and Prosper.


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healthy gardening