Copy of Welcome to My Farm - Agri-tourism at its Best

Copy of Welcome to My Farm - Agri-tourism at its Best

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Welcome to My Farm - Agri-tourism at its Best: 17 Ways to Make Money From Your Farm


The word ‘agri-tourism’ is a word coined by the agricultural (farming) industry to define what takes place when someone experiences the happenings of a particular farm by way of visiting and possibly participating in the workings of that farm. It’s a form of educational entertainment.

There’s something else you need to know about agri-tourism, though…well, actually two something’s: 1) agri-tourism can work for almost every farm in some way, shape or form. 2) agri-tourism is virtually limitless but requires you to think outside the box and beyond the normal mindset and perceptions of what farming is. 

Oh, yes, and one more thing…agri-tourism can be the way in which you financially enhance your farm’s profitability. 

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 How to Use this Book
  • Chapter 2: The List
  • Bee keeping
  • Beef cattle producer
  • Berry /nut farming
  • Chicken/turkey producer
  • Christmas tree farming
  • Crop farming (grains)
  • Dairy farm
  • Exotic animals
  • Fish farming
  • Flower and/or herb gardening
  • Greenhouse
  • Horses
  • Naturally resourced (ponds, caves, streams, etc.)
  • Orchards/vineyards
  • Retired farmers
  • Sheep Producers
  • Vegetable gardening
  • Chapter 3: Covering all the Bases
  • Safety
  • Legal ‘stuff’
  • Chapter 4: Welcome to the Farm
  • Marketing and advertising
  • More than just a trip to the farm
  • Service with a smile
  • Closing Remarks