Glass in Your Vegetable Garden
Glass in Your Vegetable Garden
Glass in Your Vegetable Garden
Glass in Your Vegetable Garden
Glass in Your Vegetable Garden

Glass in Your Vegetable Garden

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Glass in Your Vegetable Garden - Using Cloches and Glass Greenhouses in a Cold Climate 


The first time I saw a glass greenhouse in a mountain area, where the weather was very harsh, and still vegetables were being grown under such inclement conditions, I began to wonder – how many of us can really afford a glass greenhouse, especially when the materials are so expensive.

That is why I am writing this book to tell you about how you can use cloches and glass in your vegetable garden, and get plenty of fresh vegetables all the year round, even when it is -10° outside.

Glass covers to force vegetables and fruit much before their normal, natural seasonal harvest time, as well as protection have been in long usage for centuries. 

It has been noticed that tomatoes are one of the best of all indoor crops for even a newbie gardener and if you are growing them under glass, they are going to be of a higher quality than those grown outdoors. Also, the harvest is going to be earlier than the one which you are going to expect from your outdoor crop.

Remember that when you are making a glass house, you are giving your plants an opportunity to grow in a temperature which, though artificially controlled is making an atmosphere as if they are growing outside, in one particular season.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Glasshouses, Greenhouses and Hot Houses
  • Cloches and the Greenhouse Effect
  • Watering under Cloches
  • Choosing the Right Site
  • Time to Sow
  • Some Easily Grown vegetables under Glass
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • General Bed Making Tip
  • Mushrooms
  • Dwarf Beans and French Beans
  • Carrots and Radishes
  • Lettuces
  • Conclusion
  • Author Bio
  • Publisher


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