The Magic of a Kitchen Garden
The Magic of a Kitchen Garden
The Magic of a Kitchen Garden
The Magic of a Kitchen Garden
The Magic of a Kitchen Garden

The Magic of a Kitchen Garden

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The Magic of a Kitchen Garden - Organic Gardening for Beginners


Growing your own herbs and vegetables in your kitchen garden is a very enriching experience

All right, let me admit it. Just like any other normal red-blooded and healthy child, I loved getting grimy and dirty, rooting about in the garden when young. And I was fortunate to have elders around me, who positively enjoyed encouraging us kids to go out and play in the dirt and sun, instead of wrapping us up in cotton wool and clucking in concern when we got dirty and scrubby.

Luckily, my father always used to be transferred to out of the way mountain fastnesses and other forest laden places, where there was plenty of space to make really huge gardens – flowers and vegetables, with plenty of sun, water, and rich organic soil. That was the time when people did not bother about spraying every single plant surface with poisonous pesticides. 

So naturally, the habit of digging my fingers deep into rich soil continued when I grew up. But that was when I found out, that the world consisted of places, where you could not manage to have huge gardens outdoors.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Growing a Vegetable Garden
  • Which Is the Best Potting Soil for Your Plants?
  • Organic Soil Mix
  • Cow Manure – the Best Organic Fertilizer/Compost Base
  • Preparing Your Beds and Sowing
  • Container size for different plants – in inches
  • Raised Beds
  • Watering your plants 
  • Natural pesticides
  • Neem pesticide
  • Chili Pepper
  • Tobacco
  • Bougainvillea Leaves
  • Fungicides for Soil
  • Onion- Garlic Antifungal Solution
  • Papaya Cure
  • Using Cow Manure Ash As a Pesticide
  • Pot Containers
  • When to Sow Seeds
  • How to grow seeds at home
  • Sunflowers in Your Kitchen Garden 
  • Sunflower Propagation
  • Begonias
  • Best Climates for Begonias
  • Varieties of Begonia
  • Conclusion 
  • Author Bio

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