Sustainable Gardening in Limited Space
Sustainable Gardening in Limited Space

Sustainable Gardening in Limited Space

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Sustainable Gardening in Limited Space - Knowing More about Pot Culture


“Do me a favor,” you are going to say, “what do I need to know all about pot culture? I am an experienced gardener, and I know how to move one plant from one container to another. What other tips and techniques can you teach me about potting, containers, and other information about pots?”

Well, my friend, this book is going to tell you all about how you can cultivate all kinds of plants or even the choicer kinds of plants, as well as grow seeds in pots. Along with that, you are going to learn more about pot maintenance, and make sure that you have these containers in which you have invested so much money lasting you a long, long time.

Along with this, you are going to get tips about drainage, the best organic soil, and even a little bit of information on seed sowing.
Remember that plants may be propagated in two ways – by seed or by vegetative means such as cuttings, grafts and layers. When we are planting them by seeds, we will have to plant them either straight into the earth, outdoors, or in containers and in pots beforehand whether they can grow up into seedlings. The seedlings are then going to be transplanted into their permanent positions when they have reached a height of about 4 to 5 inches.


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Choosing the Right Pot
  • Sowing Seeds
  • Vegetative Propagation
  • Collection of Seeds
  • Quality of Goods Seeds
  • Successful Germination Tips
  • Season for Sowing
  • Proper Method of Sowing Seeds
  • Seed Sowing Depth
  • Time for Repotting Your Plants
  • Operation of Potting
  • Seedling Care
  • Well Watered Plants
  • Conclusion
  • Author Bio
  • Publisher

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