Organic Gardening for Beginners Elementary gardening For Pleasure and Profit

healthy gardening

Did you know that even in a small city lot, a large amount of pleasurable and profitable work in growing plants can be possible right where there is some soil available in which to plant things? It does not matter if you just have a pocket handkerchief sized backyard.

If you want to know more about gardening for pleasure and gardening for profit, this book is going to give you some easy to implement tips and techniques so that you can start up this relaxing and amusing hobby right now.

healthy gardening

There is nothing quite so soul satisfying as getting your hands into rich and fertile earth and soil in order to grow something right now.

You may make up a flower garden to beautify the outside of your house. A vegetable and fruit garden is going to furnish you with a continuous source of food of the best kind at a low cost.

Both of these are going to give you plenty of opportunity for healthy outdoor exercise, while furnishing a source of pleasure to the one who cares for them and watches their development throughout the seasons.

If you have a large yard, the vegetable and fruit gardens are going to yield you financial return, as well as keep your home table, kitchen and cellar supplied with fresh vegetables and fruit produce.

Important tips For Gardening

Landscape gardening is normally done when you intend to beautify the grounds. Here are some important points which you need to keep in mind when you are planting flowers and shrubs. These flowers and shrubs should be placed around the edge and the borders of the lawns. They should not be placed in the center. The center should be kept free and open.

This open center is going to form the important part of your general effect. It is also going to tend to make the area seem larger than when the shrubs are scattered all over the lawn.

Just imagine relaxing on a lawn. You have plenty of place where you can place your hands and feet and even roll if you want to. But just imagine coming up after a couple of rolls against a shrub which immediately showers you with leaves, twigs, and caterpillars. Or you find yourself rolling right into a patch of dandelions or daisies. This is just a scenario which I am describing about how shrubs and even flowerbeds right in the middle of open spaces, disturb the “even tenor” of a landscape.

healthy gardening

Planting Shrubs

Shrubs are one of the best ways in which you can ornament your grounds. Good results are obtained for many varieties in the first year of planting, but it should require about two or three years good growth to produce the best of effects. That is why I would suggest that you obtain shrubs which are partly grown from your nearest nursery and plant them in your garden.
I normally go out in the mountains, rambling to look for while shrubs which can be taken up and planted in the garden at home. Of course, these herbs and shrubs can survive in a totally new climate, but they need some extra love and care in order to flourish.

Some shrubs can be grown from cuttings, but they are going to require a year or two longer to mature than when they were planted partly grown.
You can plan these shrubs either in the fall or in early spring. The fall is usually best because of the coming winter, which will help the shrub to root up in the soil, before the coming spring. Except, of course, if you are living in the cold northern states of the USA, when I would suggest planting them in the spring.

Where Do You Plant Shrubs

Consider shrubs to be the best background to show off your plants. They are going to be the decorative effect. Getting improved throughout the years. You can plant them along the borders, walks, driveways and edges. You can also plant them in front of the porches and the building, especially at corners and at angles where they are going to help in softening the hard lines of the buildings.
There are four points which you will need to consider while deciding which shrubs to plant and where. These are the size of the shrub, how hardy they are, the time they are going to flower, and the color of the flower.

Hardiness and survival capacity is one factor which you need to consider especially in places where the climate is not as mild as those you find in other more tropical and temperate regions. Anything which blooms really beautifully in a tropical or temperate region may struggle to survive in a cold zone. That is why it much more sensible to stick onto native species and shrubs, when you are planting for a long-term basis.

A poinsettia or a frangipani may look excellent in Hawaii, but it is not going to survive in Alaska. So if you are planting in Alaska, find a local native shrub of which you have plenty of varieties growing. And border your garden with those plants.

Choosing the Best Location for Your Garden

You may place a garden as a border around the edge of the yard, especially if it is a flower garden. It can also border The Walk or be next to the fence, or you can grow it in front of the porch or your house or in front of the shrubbery, but you do not place a flower garden right in the center of your lawn.

healthy gardening

Many of these plants are going to grow better in direct sunlight so that if your garden is placed near the porch, it should be built in a sunny location
Why selecting the right seeds and plans to be planted, you need to know about the flowers. Your friendly neighborhood nursery man, experienced gardener or horticulturalist is going to tell you the color of the flower, the time of blooming and the height.

Enemies of Your Garden

Apart from kids and animals, there are other enemies which can cause plentiful and wholesale instruction in your garden. The most common of these enemies are weeds and insects. The soil is going to be filled with seeds from the weeds, which can lie dormant for a number of years before germinating.
So when the conditions for proper seed germination, especially in the spring occurs, these seeds are also going to germinate along with your vegetable and flower seeds.

If the are allowed to grow, they are going to reduce the yield of your garden because they are going to rob your plants of water, and nutrients present in the soil. They are also going to deprive the plants of sunlight above the ground.
Weeds also make your garden look unsightly. So, keep hoeing your garden regularly and getting rid of the weeds.

Insects are divided into two groups – biting insects and sucking insects.
Potato beetles come in the biting group. They are going to devour the solid tissues of the plant, especially that of the leaf. Sucking insects like the squash bug are going to suck out the sap from the plant.

If you have not experienced the joys of gardening, you may want to ask, why should I go in for gardening? There are at least three practical reasons for having a garden – profit pleasure and health.
From the practical side, a garden is going to be a great saving in the cost of living, by furnishing you with fresh food, which you would otherwise have bought
A good size garden can furnish you with vegetables not only for the summer, but for the winter as well. That is because the excess is going to be stored and canned.

healthy gardening

A vegetable garden also furnishes you with a means of earning some money during the summer as fresh vegetables can usually be sold to the nearby stores or to people who have no garden. With organic gardening so much in demand, if you have a reputation of growing vegetables through total ordering means you are soon going to find yourself to be in much demand as a bona fide organic gardening food supplier.


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healthy gardening