Making Your Main Garden Making an Attractive Garden in a Limited Space

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A main garden can either be in the front of your house or at the back of your house – wherever you have some space.
It does not matter how large your house is; the main garden is usually going to take up the empty part of the whole building lot or plot. Your backyard may be your main garden, with exotic flowers and trees. In the same way, your front garden is going to be the most attractive landscaping feature which is going to welcome all the visitors with a smile.
That is the reason why front gardens in comparison to main gardens do not normally have large trees taking up all the area. Unless of course you are very fond of conifers and cannot do without them. Remember that the front garden is going to be your visiting card. This is going to give your visitor a first-hand impression about you, your tastes, your personality and also whether your house is welcoming or is it just a bleak, dour, Gothic magnificent construction with absolutely no sign of welcome around it?
And after that you are going to take your visitors to see your main garden which you have made with a lot of care, effort and pride. All of us know that a majority of us are instinctively nature loving however much circumstances have made us citified. Most of us wish to go back to the wide open spaces, the woods and above all, any place where it is green, nice, and soothing.

Making Your Garden

healthy gardening

Making a Garden, especially your main garden cannot be done if you lose your enthusiasm midway during the proceedings, because it is such a drag and a bore, and you get all sweaty. Garden making can only be done by a person who enjoys the feel of earth beneath his fingers, that is if he's not wearing gloves, and the scent of fresh air soothing him while he works among nature and the plants he has planted.
Even a 10th of an acre is going to keep you busy for life that is because it is going to include a small pond, a rock garden, possibly a summerhouse or a greenhouse and some fruit trees and lots of vines. This is going to happen if you are a particularly enthusiastic gardener and begin to bother about every tiny wondering plant that creeps up between your bushes and trees, or a nasty little weed crops up between your sweet peas and geraniums.

Tips when planting trees and Shrubs

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A long panorama and vista of tall and dignified trees are going to going to gladden the hearts of any gardener. You can make deep bays within them, providing a fresh viewpoint within the screen of the trees. But you need to remember that when you are planting the trees, you have to think of the future when they are going to grow into a really large size. When they are all grown up, they are going to claim their share of the midday sun.
This is when you are going to look at the place where they should be planted in the initial stage. Nobody is going to want to fell these trees in their full glory just because the ground below them has become too shaded.

Planning Your Garden

PH value

Before you dig in your garden for the first time, you have to plan it out in your mind better still, do the planning on paper. Before everything else you have to make sure beyond doubt whether you have light sand, heavy clay, barren or productive fertile soil. Is the soil neutral, acid or basic on account of lime and chalk?

healthy gardening

How to nutritive is the soil? What is its pH value?

There are plenty of places where you can get a soil testing outfit, especially from a good nursery man or from a chemist. This is going to enable you to measure the acidity or more correctly the hydrogen ion concentration which is also known as the pH value of the soil.
Each outfit is going to give you instructions on how to use it, and how you can get a good result with an indicator table.

healthy gardening

This book has given you some general information about how you can make your main garden. Apart from the trees described above, there are plenty of other trees which you can plant in your garden which include sweet gums, magnolias, tulip trees, horse chestnuts, sumac, Japanese cherries, especially the white cherry which is so much a part of Japanese legend. It is called Shimidsu Sakura. It grows slowly and scarcely reaches 12 feet in height. The flowers, which are half double and frilled like fine lace appear first as pink buds, but they change when in full bloom to purest white. This beautiful plant remains in bloom until June.

If you are looking for Japanese cherry trees in your catalog, you have to be sure of their true identity before you buy. Sometimes the name is going to appear in print with the word "kiku" in front of it. This is the Japanese word meaning cherry tree; a cherry is called Sakura.

You may also want to buy some crabapple plants, which along with the autumn tints of the leaves and gaily colored fruits are going to add a season of beauty to the floral display of your garden, especially in the spring. These crabapples are excellent when they are turned into a jelly.

This is just a small selection which has shown you what the possibilities are of securing shrubs and trees with attractive foliage, fruit, flowers, and even bark for our gardens. Naturally, it does not exhaust the possibilities which are limitless all over the world. So let your creativity flow when you are making your own garden.

Live Long and Prosper!


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