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healthy gardening

healthy gardening

Believe it or not one of the happiest moment in the life of a child, is when he is rooting in mud, in the open sun and air. This is an instinct which is genetically bred in him/her. However, in the 21st century, many parents like to cushion their children so much that they do not want them to go out in the sun, breath in the fresh air, or even expose themselves to the hazards of the polluted atmosphere.
So is it a surprise that many children do not know all about the joys of making a children’s garden and gathering their own harvest for the first time in their lives.

This book is going to tell you how you can add plenty of joy and interest in the lives of your family members, especially when their children by helping them make their own childrens’ garden.
Of course, the first step is not to make them feel that gardening is a duty and something which you have imposed on them. This is immediately going to put their backs up!

My grandfather tried reverse psychology on us as kids, to get us to water his large garden. He tried pretending that we were very delicate, and we would catch colds if we were found playing about with his water pipes, sprinklers, and hoses.

Planning a Childrens’ Garden

There are many plants for indoor and outdoor cultivation that are going to produce results in a remarkably short time. And because we know that the attention span and the patience limit of children is just about as short as the time taken to see another new thing and to get to know all about it, then definitely not going to wait for many many months before they see that the seeds that they have sown have begun to grow or not.

healthy gardening

Seedlings for her garden.

That is why these plants are going to make an ideal base for a children’s garden which is going to be full of excitement, color, and also adventures! With the proper guidance from an experienced adult, these children are going to derive enormous pleasure from a plot of land which they have set apart for their own use.

When there is a children’s garden out of doors, the job of actually preparing the ground is going to come in the spring. That is when you are going to gather your offspring unto you, no pun intended, and with a spring in your step, you are going to lead them to the ground in which you intend to plan and lay out a garden.

During the winter, when you cannot work upon the ground, possibly because it is covered with snow, that is the time when you are going to draw plans of your garden. Remember to consult your child on his own valuable and creative outputs. Naturally he would like a say in what he wants in his own garden. Also you may like to do a little bit of research here.

Mini Landscape Garden
A miniature landscape garden can be built with a hill of sand or just ordinary soil. Also take some pieces of undulating turf. This is going to help you make some contours. The ground is going to be heaped up to form mountains and hills. After that take two or three old bricks or gray stones. You can make a ruined castle, especially if the bricks or the stones are covered with moss. You can also use some fine gravel to add some roads and paths leading to the castle.

Garden in a Glass Case
Children are going to love gardens which are enclosed in a glass case. This is normally called a terrarium. This type of garden can also be made in a bottle but you will need considerable skill to insert the plants through the narrow neck of the bottle.

healthy gardening

That is why a child would find it easier to make a garden in an old aquarium as a container for your garden. Put a layer of sand 1-inch-deep at the bottom of the tank. Follow it by a thin layer of charcoal and a layer of rich and good garden soil.
Stock this miniature garden with plants that like moist atmospheres and shade. These include mosses, ferns and other small plants which you can find in most woods and in overgrown deserted gardens.

Dig up plenty of soil with the plants, set them in the soil in the glass tank. Give them a fine sprinkling of water. Now, cover the top of the tank with a piece of thick paper punched with a few holes. This is to admit the air. Keep the tank out of direct sunlight. This garden is now going to look after itself because it is producing its own moisture in the enclosed space. It needs very little watering.

Some of the popular plants which you can grow in a terrarium include primroses, violets, ferns and Adder’s tongue.

This book gives you plenty of information on how you can make a garden for your child and make him feel the triumph of gathering his own harvest for the first time.

healthy gardening

You do not have to spend lots of money in making a special garden for your child. Just a little bit of dedication and a little bit of time and of what, and you are going to have something special which you can give to your child. Children love the responsibility of having something of which to take care. And when they know that they are able to plant something and watch it growing, this is one of the most positive experiences and memories you could gift your child.

Who knows, he or she may grow up to be a plant scientist and discover something which is going to benefit mankind. And he is going to thank you for inculcating this love for gardening in him when he was yet a little toddler.

Live Long and Prosper!


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healthy gardening