Introduction to Cucurbits Growing Vine Vegetables Easily in Your Garden

The Cucurbita family is one of the largest and most popular groups of summer vegetables grown all over the world. Come summer, and you are going to see the gardens flourishing with watermelons, musk melons, cucumbers, gourds, pumpkins, squashes, and other large number of trailing vegetables.

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I remember reading Lin Yutang’s best-selling book, The Importance of Living as a child. In that, he has dedicated a large number of pages on his version of the pursuit of happiness, of which one is sitting outdoors, under the moon, and spitting out watermelon seeds into the garden… Is that not happiness.

As I remember doing the same thing, as a child, I could well believe that eating cold and juicy watermelons in the summer, and spitting out their seeds at anything in the vicinity, including the pet mutt, yes, these were definitely moments of happiness.
Cucumbers, musk melons, watermelons, squashes and pumpkins are cucurbits. These are also called Vine crops. They are tender annuals, which are going to grow in summer. They are definitely not cold weather plants.

healthy gardening

This book is going to tell you how you can grow cucurbits in your garden, without too much of an effort. Not only is the effort well worth it, but you know that you are going to have a healthy stock of vegetables growing in your garden and ready to have for lunch, salads, snacks, and other meals every day.

healthy gardening

This book has introduced you to the Cucurbita family, and now, you are ready to grow squashes, pumpkins, watermelons, musk melons and cucumbers in your garden.
Remember that the sowing time given here is a global time period when the sowing is generally done in native areas. However, you would like to contact your local gardening experts, and ask them for the best advice when to grow these cucurbits.
Grow them in your garden, and enjoy them in pies, salads, cooked, fresh, pickled, or as stuffing.

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