Beauty Ornamental Traditional Floral Beauty Methods for Domestic and Personal Adornment

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Since time immemorial, flowers as well as parts of the plant have been used, throughout the world as adornments in the house as garlands, flowers in vases, decoration pieces, and any other idea which you could think. Once upon a time, some flowers in your house were considered to be a part and parcel of your daily life, and necessities, instead of being social niceties and possibly luxuries in houses of taste and refinement.
Even the most poverty-stricken house would have some greenery, and flowers somewhere, if the house owner had a sense of aesthetic beauty, and did not want to be deemed equal to the beasts of the field. Every single class in society would use flowers in some form or the other, for either personal or domestic adornment, down the ages, and that is one tradition 

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which has played an important role in the social and cultural background of civilizations and cultures all over the world, up till now.
The rich and aristocrats could afford the choicest and rarest exotic blooms and blossoms with which to adorn their houses, while the lower classes made do with the common flowers in the fields and never thought themselves deprived. That is one of the bounties of nature for which we are thoroughly grateful.
I have written a number of books on flower drying, skeleton leaves, and other associated books, where you can get plenty of information on how you can create things of beauty, from the leaves and the plants that you have dried after collecting them from the fields or gardens around you.
Beauty Eternal - Easy Ways to Preserve Flowers:
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How many of us have gone walking in the woods, and seen beautiful plant specimens, which have tempted us to bring them back home and preserve them in some way or the other? If you are a normal human being, and have a instinctive and innate sense of beauty. You will not be able to resist a handful of flowers, grasses, and any other bounties of mother nature, and bringing them back home.
The main problem with many of us is that we think that a true decoration, which is aesthetically pleasing is going to be made with a number of flowers and leaves and fern fronds crammed into a small container or vase. This is not any sort of decoration at all, but just a person trying to get away with trying to show that he has some sort of aesthetic sense. And any person seeing this conglomeration is going to mentally say –gleeeeep – and try his level best not to look at that monstrosity again. We should try to follow the rule of less is best in floral decorations, as far as possible.

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A few fronds of fern, a spray of asparagus, a couple of branches of flowers, all arranged tastefully among some elegant, stylish grass fronds – and there you are. Use your own creativity and you are going to have something which looks nice, which means that you are able to see every single part of the plant, which has gone into the creation of that arrangement in your vase instead of something which shouts – red mixed up with green mixed up with white mixed up with brown and yellow and orange and also a little bit of blue all topped up with fronds of ferns and grasses and placed right before your guests on the table...
Instead of cramming up all your flowers and leaves together in one huge jumbled up collection, you may want to make sure that the contours and the outlines of each flowers’ blossom should look like it does, as if it is growing naturally in your ornamental decoration. Nature never has flowers growing in an artificial manner, but they are allowed to recline or fall depending on how they are growing in your garden.

I hope you have enjoyed this book on flower decorations for domestic and personal adornment. All you need is a little bit of time – once upon a time, flower arrangements were part of the subjects taught to ladies, because at that time society considered ladies to be just pretty ornaments, doing domestic ladylike activities like painting, playing music, and arranging flowers! Any lady thinking of any intellectual pursuit was immediately told by her mother not to show that she had a brain, because her future husband would not like a brainy, intelligent, well read woman – a blue stocking, horrors, reading books would give her ideas above her station – as a wife! So she had to stick with cutting flowers from her garden and arrange them all around the house.
But today we have come a long way, and any flower arrangement, I do in my house is not going to be because Society demands it as a suitable ladylike, and demure feminine activity, but because I like doing it!

So, pick up your secateurs, let us go into the garden, do a little bit of nipping and then making some nice flower arrangements for our homes and hearths.
Live long And Prosper!

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